BIO ——

                        Steve Dawson - Los Angeles based Guitar & Bass Player, Private Guitar Instructor, Writer/Engineer.


Primarily, I'm a guitar player who became musically captivated after hearing Chicago's "Saturday In The Park", while riding in the backseat of an orange Pontiac Le Mans, somewhere in New York. I was then introduced to the music of Chuck Berry & Duane Eddy but that same year, I discovered the group KISS - and soon after, acquired a few sets of drums, some guitars, a Shure SM57 microphone & a Tascam cassette multitrack machine & proceeded to record anything that vibrated. And I still do that because for me, a life soaked in music was not a choice. I had no other options because there just simply weren't any. I believe that when it truly grabs oneself, you're forever hooked. A cow don't make ham, right? (thank you, FZ..)

ELEMENTAL INFO (Performance & Instruction)

I'm based out of Los Angeles & from New York City, have performed throughout the world, worked in TV / radio / recording studios & run my one-on-one guitar instruction classes.

Having taught hundreds of students, I've gained a reputation as a personable instructor who's maintained the integrity of focusing on what each student needs to enhance their individual & unique musical expression. I love what I do & truly value the relationship between myself & whomever I am working with. To me, that brings the best out of eachother.

With over 25 years of experience, I've privately tutored students on all levels & cover many playing styles & methods (rock/pop/r&b, acoustic, classical, jazz, chord structures/harmony, music theory/sight reading, ear training/rhythm/phrasing).

I can read & notate music, have an exceptionally good ear & I aim to balance those when teaching. When residing in New York, I also freelanced for Dennis Conti's Lessons At Home for 12 years, making house calls in literally every neighborhood on the map.

I focus on collaborating with other musicians, the importance of developing positive skills for working & communicating with others in a band/ensemble environment & have worked closely for many years with the SCHOOL OF ROCK students & staff.

I've worked in countless cover bands (corporate/wedding/club dates), have performed with many tribute bands (notably MADONNATHON  - check out the sexy guitar solo at 3:48...a real fun one) & was a member of NYC's Arlene Grocery Live Karaoke Band  for 6 years. My library of material is extensive, versatile & can easily draw on hundreds of songs to perform from various genres of music.

My original compositions are recorded & mixed by myself & I produced the majority of music that can be previewed through this site. Sonically & compositionally, I tend to lean towards the moody and haunting & the instrumental pieces on my music page reflect that. I'm a big believer in true soul music, unique, fat sounds & raw honesty.






Ronnie Spector, CJ Ramone, Joey Arias, John Cameron Mitchell & Lena Hall (Hedwig & The Angry Inch), Jesse Malin, Bruce Springsteen, Bridget Everett (Comedy Central/Amy Schumer), Members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Sammy Yaffa (NY Dolls, Hanoi Rocks), Corn Mo/357 Lover, Joan Jett/Blackhearts (Thommy Price), Alan Cumming, The Voyces (Planting Seeds Records) Justin Vivian Bond, Bianca Marroquin (Chicago, In The Heights, Solo Pido), Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) Yungchen Lhamo (Real World artist), Lez Warner (The Cult), Paul Garisto (Psychedelic Furs, Iggy Pop, Ryan Adams), Adam Minkoff (Doyle Bramhall, Amy Helm), Baby Wants Candy (improvised comedy/music show), Muzz Skillings (Living Colour) & has been a member of NYC's Arlene Grocery Live Karaoke Band.



The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Steve performing on Jay Leno's Tonight Show

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Carnegie Hall / Bruce Springsteen Tribute

Austin City Limits Festival

Dane Cook's Tourgasm

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Steve performing on Craig Ferguson

VH1 - "Opportunity Rocks" with Leif Garrett

NPR - "All Songs Considered"

The World Cafe

BBC Radio 1

Sirius XM Radio



- A knowledgeable Pro Tools / Digidesign user & have worked on many recording sessions as player, engineer or commercial/VO work composer, most recently for SPRINT and JANUVIA. (links below)




- Featured by Michael Molenda in Guitar Player Magazine (click on "HEAVY FROGS" to preview) & regularly perform with my own group under my own name. Original music can be previewed by visiting the music page or by clicking the YouTube link via the contact page.


 - Worked for Steve Rosenthal & Janet Erb at NYC's beloved Magic Shop Studio (RIP), which was prominently featured in Dave Grohl's 'Sonic Highways' HBO series with the Foo Fighters.







I'm the co-founder of THE FUZZ HAUNTED, a music project with Randy Lord, who's self-titled release & song "Tiger Balm" (click on "TIGER BALM" to preview) was the primary record chosen by NPR & Robin Hilton for their debut podcast on the "ALL SONGS CONSIDERED" program. To preview/purchase, please visit the music page or CD Baby / NPR links via the contact section.

The Fuzz Haunted were placed in the top 5 out of 800 band submissions by Billboard Magazine & DiscMakers to perform at a NYC event for that hefty grand prize.

Randy Lord & I are also collaborators in SLIMBOT, initially conceived by Jamey Lord. SLIMBOT began as a bit of an experimental & abrasive writing & recording process which turned out quite well. Since our days with the theatrical BAD ASS FRANKLIN, I've continued to create songs & sounds with these two guys & whenever we build new pieces, it still inspires me. Some mp3's of our past & present can be found in the music section of this site.





Also available is the soundtrack score to "ABSENCE", a psychological thriller, written & directed by Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer of Parallactic Pictures, along with some of Chuck Palahniuks' executive production assistance. Written, recorded & mixed in 3 days, under the name "THE ALDENTE QUAKERS", this was a collaborative production by Jamey Lord, Randy Lord & myself. A link to the trailer can be found in my contact section.

I wrote, recorded & produced the audio to the computer animation, "ODBOD", created by exhibiting artist Faye Maxwell at Hybrid Life Forms (Australian New Media Art) at The Netherlands New Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Click on "ODBOD" to preview that piece.





During my time spent assisting incredible engineers & producers at recording studios (notably Steve Rosenthal, Joe Warda, Andrew Loog Oldham, John Agnello, Kevin Killen, Dave Sardy, Jerry Harrison) I worked with countless (Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega, Al Kooper, Monster Magnet, Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Juliana Hatfield, Arto Lindsay, The Smithereens, Yo La Tengo, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Vivino) kick-ass musicans, artists & assisted on the first "legitimate" mix & release of the "The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus" film at The Magic Shop in Soho, NYC. The Magic Shop's final days were prominently featured in Dave Grohl's 'Sonic Highways' HBO series with the Foo Fighters.






I currently live in Los Angeles & keep a busy schedule with many talented bands, artists & projects of my own & absolutely love getting involved in new musical situations with ambitious artists. I remain an active guitar teacher who's worked with hundreds of students over many years. I really enjoy turning people on to the guitar & it continues to bring me joy when someone else becomes truly excited over the power of music & the instrument that I believe in.

For information regarding GUITAR INSTRUCTION (via HOME or SKYPE) or BOOKING/GIGS, please EMAIL me here or from the contact page.

I endorse Dean Markley products & am affiliated with BMI.


Much thanks for taking the time to read this - Enjoy the site!